Florist, Decorator, Stylist

  • ``I must have flowers, always and always``

    Claude MONET


  • ``Until we can comprehend the beguiling beauty of a single flower, we are woefully unable to trap the meaning and potential of life itself``

    Virginia WOOLF


  • ``The flowers bend their bright bodies and tip their fragrance to the air``

    Mary OLIVER


Florist, decorator, stylist


Coming from a literary background and being driven by visual culture, I have always had a very strong passion for floral design from a very young age. After meeting and collaborating with Parisian florist Christian Tortu, I was inspired to create my own arrangements and settings through the use of plants and floral design.

I thrive on the use of plants and flowers; in the vibrancy of their colours, their textures and their shapes. Whatever the event or occasion, flowers are an essential touch. They transform their surroundings and strengthen any theme. Flowers speak their own language and tell their own story.

A work of gesture and inspiration


As we all know weddings require precision and meticulous attention to detail. I look at every aspect of your wedding day; from the theme to the dress, the wedding invitations to the menus.


I cater for business parties, press launches, inaugurations, seminars and conventions. All of my flower arrangements take pride of place, enhancing all events.

Style - art of living

I regularly display my work in professional decoration magazines, photoshoots and press and advertising campaigns.


If you are seeking advice on decoration and creative design, do not hesitate to contact me.Using a keen eye, creativity and my designer experience, I will capture your desired vision with quality and precision. I regularly lead sessions as part of wedding-designer courses.

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