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As we all know weddings require precision and meticulous attention to detail. I look at every aspect of your wedding day; from the theme to the dress, the wedding invitations to the menus. I offer personalized wedding bouquets to suit your taste and style. I will style your buffet table displays and decorations, center pieces as well as creating bespoke designs.



I cater for business parties, press launches, inaugurations, seminars and conventions. All of my flower arrangements take pride of place, enhancing all events.

My years of experience have taught me how to create the perfect ambiance using different perfumes according to your taste. I play with colors, materials, shades and textures to best suit the setting and decoration of each venue. With years of experience and a keen eye, I pride myself on my fine attention to detail.



I regularly display my work in professional decoration magazines, photoshoots and press and advertising campaigns.

My designs can be adapted for indoor or outdoor venues. I set the mood by organically intertwining decorative objects with floral arrangements and foliage.
I relish the opportunity to play with colour and tone, form and depth and order. I am deeply inspired by the work of the Italian mathematician Fibonacci and his famous ‘Golden Rule’.

Collaborations :

Art et Décoration magazine, Du Côté de Chez Vous magazine, and Maison Créative magazine.

‘Saint-Louis’, ‘Daum’, ‘Haviland’, ‘Royale de Champagne’, ‘Bernardaud’, ‘Gien’, ‘Alessi’, Caravane, Kartell, Janvier, Le Jacquard francais, Fretté, Muji, Fragonard, Petit Pan, Silvera, Ladurée, ‘Le Lit National’ design houses.



If you are seeking advice on decoration and creative design, do not hesitate to contact me.Using a keen eye, creativity and my designer experience, I will capture your desired vision with quality and precision. I regularly lead sessions as part of wedding-designer courses.
From the choice of tableware and table settings, to glassware, lighting, accessories and furnishings every item is handpicked with your vision in mind.